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I’m Marisa
I’m 18
Looking for a relationship
I have tattoos and I want more
I love to travel
I’m outgoing and friendly
I’m usually shy at first but when I get you know you watch out(:
Living in Chicago (Schaumburg)
I love girls
I love sports, hockey is my favorite go hawks!
If you want to know more
Talk to me don’t be shy(:
Kik me- keepdreaming18

Hello peeps,

I’m Candace (AKA Candie Kisses)

I LOVE all things LESBIAN. I live it, love it, watch it, read it, & write it. If u share in any of those PASSIONS then come check out my blog poursomelesbianhotsauceonit and get your fill of lesbian love, romance, passion, sexiness and of course cuteness overload.

Oh and please feel free to ask me anything or simply say hi. :)


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